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Make An Impact and Income &

Reach Millions 

using next-gen systems that Anyone can master

Do you want to be a solopreneneur for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?

AI For Busy People

The best AI uses aren't writing marketing materials. That's like having a Ferrari and driving it 5 mph. Strap a jet-pack on your business by using AI in ways you never thought possible!

Low-Tech Methods

Creating funnels, courses, lead magnets and challenges takes thousands of hours. In today's fast-paced world, you need to get your message out in a day without all the hoops.

One-tap Instant

The future is instant access from your phone. Discover how you can set up your entire system so that it's both easy and and professional, crushing the competition even if they're giants.

Stop Depending on Ads

With my systems, you don't have to drive traffic to make serious money. This tickles me pink because that's a huge issue for many of you.


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Stand Out With Interactive Audio - private podcasting & SMS

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Publish a Best-Seller

Prompt Publish Profit Sprint

Turn You Content Into Money 

Audio Sales Machine Masterclass

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Hi, I'm Carla

Back in 2006, my world was turned upside down when my dad passed away suddenly. I hit rock bottom and ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia. Little did I know, that moment would become a turning point in my life.

When my doctor suggested I needed help for my depression, I was taken aback. I thought I had it all together, but clearly, I was fooling myself. That very night, I wrote my first gratitude entry, and it changed my life forever. Since then I've:

  • Launched Gratitude app, making me the 1st woman to launch an app
  • Named me “Top Woman in Tech” by FastCo & "Queen of Apps" by Oprah
  • Wrote four bestselling books (Two This Year Using AI)
  • ​​Founder of, growing it to multiple six-figures in months of launch
  • ​Exited multi-million dollar tech businesses
  • ​Sought after profession speaker, MC and event host
  • ​Helped thousands of entrepreneurs profit from AI & audio and publishing their own best-selling books 

To date, we've sold over 1,000 seats into our own high-ticket coaching program, and the lessons we've learned have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. So, what's my secret? Gratitude, perseverance, and the willingness to take action. I'm living proof that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and put in the work.

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the many hats of a business owner

Stop doing it all & do what you love instead


Does This Sound Familiar?

Did you become your own boss only to discover you also have to be  an expert in social media, marketing, tech, and now AI too? Well, guess what? You're not alone.  

  • Do you feel like... you're never going to be able to keep up?
  • Does it seem... you don't have enough help or resources?
  • Are you frustrated that... the tech keeps changing overnight?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  wish you didn't have to be a marketing genius or a tech whiz to succeed in your business?

a way out

focus on your craft, let me handle the rest


That's where I come in.

I can help you unlock the power of AI to streamline your business, automate your marketing, and attract high-paying clients with ease. Imagine...  

  • ​Attracting high paying clients eager to work with you
  • Breaking free from the chains of online marketing and technology
  • Having it all on autopilot
  • And giving you the time to do more of what you truly love


Proven Outcomes


"Carla is one of the smartest people I've met when it comes to business, marketing and discovering trends that work now. When she talks, I take notes."

eileen Wilder


"I went from zero to my first draft for my book in one day! And I already have my audiobook done, thanks to Hiro. Carla makes it so simple. Grab her book today!"



"There is no one I trust more with tech than Carla. She isn't a marketer who jumps on the latest fad. She had been in tech for decades. That's what I'm looking for."

chat Thibodeaux


The new way of doing this

Low Tech

We don't expect you to become lost in the weeds of tech. Our average customer SAVES $1,000+ a month because they can get rid of all the complicated tech.

Faster Profits

Many of our clients launch in a day of joining our programs. Our systems and processes make it easy to know the exact next steps so we can launch faster and with far less stress.

Proven Results

Everything we do is based on many months of research and testing on our own dime, not yours. By time we implement your solution, you get a product that will work in your market, no matter what it is.

Modern & Seamless

You don't need a huge following or a big email list to make our methods work in your business. No-code, low-tech and done in a day is our motto!


All Our Products

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All-in-one Interactive Audio Solution

Now you can elevate your reach, revenue and impact with our interactive private podcast and audiobook platform that you can set up in minutes.

With Hiro, you can:

  • ​Grow your list using just one word
  • Sell courses and trainingswithout websites & videos
  • ​Chat with customers right in SMS
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Publish & profit from your best-seller

Prompt, Publish, Profit Sprint

Write, market and start profiting from your own best-seller in a week by stealing all my tools, systems and teams as well as live coaching. Plus six months of completely FREE.

Inside this masterclass, you will get:

  • ​Fill-in-the-blank instant book with prompts
  • My team of experts so you can stop fighting with tech
  • ​Live coaching with me so all your questions get answered
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One-Tap Simple Profit Builder

Audio Sales Machine 

Get my proven, 5-step stress-killer system to launch a successful private podcast that attracts clients, grows your business and increases profits in just 7 Days plus six months of completely FREE.

Inside, I'll show you:

  • ​Create profitable system with just your voice
  • Gain millions of followings with my podcast hijack method
  • ​Get them to market for you so you can focus on your craft
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Free Book

Prompt, Publish Profit Book 

Discover How Use ChatGPT 🤖 & Next-Gen Tech To Launch Best Selling Books In Days!

Inside, I'll show you:

  • How to reach millions of people using simple systems that you can get done in one weekend
  • Scale sales to 7-figures and beyond using a proven roadmap that previously required an entire team to implement, but can now be done by one person.
  • Build trust and create customers for life using one of entrepreneurs most underutilized tools at your disposal
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iPhone App

Gratitude Journal 

Over 13 years on the App Store with just one developer (me), zero funding and zero ads. Rewire your mind in just minutes a day

Grab it for just pennies!


Radical Shift

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Featured by Entrepreneur Magazine, Radical Shift is for anyone who want to tap into their natural ability to create wealth, make impact and enjoy life in ways you never thought possible. 

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How ONE Question Unlocked A $100 Million Dollar Idea
On a recent Zoom call with Alex and Leila Hormozi, I unlocked a $100 million dollar idea.  Listen To More

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How To Fatten Your Wallet With Emotional Selling
Chemicals in the brain are what drives the cash into your account. Learn how to use it.  Listen To More

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It's Time To Let It Go
The monsters from your past are wrecking havoc on your future. My unspoken method to forgiveness.  Listen To More





Kiana Danial

Invest Diva

"Carla is a legit. I can't stress that enough. If you can hit 'record', you can do this."

Bryan Dulaney

Perfect funnel system

"What Carla is doing is amazing and will help a lot of people with both Hiro and her trainings!"

Russell Brunson


"Everyone should have audio in their offer stack and Carla makes it incredibly simple."

Barbi Jo Hatch

home organizer

"I tried hundreds of systems in my entrepreneur journey and Carla's is by far the best."

Nellie Corriveau


"You can turn content into moola! It's so good! My favorite way to create courses!"

Wei Houng

human op CEO

"Carla's solutions let me reach clients who refuse to get on Zoom or watch courses."

Ann Nelson

Faith based marriage coach

"You can add another revenue stream to your business in a couple of hours!"

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Free audio course

Discover how to go from idea to 12-episode private podcast using AI and Audio. You don’t even have to touch a mic. Turn your lurkers into hot leads in less than an hour!

Text the word AI to 605-250-1232 and we will send you access to our members only show directly to your phone OR click the button below.